Magic Loop Socks 2 at a time

2@at socks using magic loop

(I’m assuming you know how to magic loop for this part of the tutorial, but I use the same terminology as in the first part so it might help to run through that quickly)

Here’s my yarn:

ready to cast on

Cast on the number of sts in pattern for both socks on the needle, first sock followed immediately by second sock (I’ve separated them below):

cast on

(in the picture above pink went first then purple) pink = sock 1 purple = sock 2

Find the middle of both cast ons and create two separation loops (sorry the cord is clear, I wasn’t thinking about photos when I chose my favorite needles!)
both separated

Joining in the round is a bit different, there is a whole other sock in the way! So I always use the “just start and clean up sts with the tail” approach.

Ignoring sock #2 for now, straighten up sock #1’s sts and prepare to knit the first half of round. (in this case sock #2 is your active loop so you don’t have to create one!)

Ready to knit, not twisted:
ready to knit

First half of sock 1 knit!
first 1/2 complete

Continuing to ignore sock #2 turn your work, move sts so you can work them, create an active loop and continue.

getting ready to work the rest of round 1 on sock 1:
2nd half of r1 s1

First round of sock #1 is complete. Now, ignoring sock #1 we focus on sock #2.:
time for s2 r1

straighten out the sts:
s#1 r1 complete getting ready for s2

We already have an active loop (sock #1 is sitting on it) so go ahead and work the first half of sock 2

nearly there:
middle of front sts on s#2

When you get to the end, turn your work, move sts and create an active loop to work the 2nd half of sock #2


You are now back at the beginning of round.

Some tips:

1. Join the socks together via safety pin or locking st marker. It is easier to work them when they aren’t moving apart.

2. When you finish working a round on a sock leave the yarn end behind the needle. It is easier to pick it up to work the next round from this position

yarn placed behind the needle, socks are locked together with a st marker (I later move to a safety pin)

yarn placement

The beginning of round (BOR)
S#1 on left, S#2 on right. I’ve finished knitting the cuffs at this point. I usually make this decision just before finishing the cuffs.

eor #1

First option (just keep going as you are) (Sorry this picture is kind of backward. Imagine you are looking at it from the BOR)

Beginning of Round option 1

Option 2 (how I do it). I add an extra half round to S#1 so that both fronts and both backs are on the same side of the needle. I find it easier to keep track, especially if you are working a patterned sock.

beginning of round option 2

Continuing on:

As you move you’ll find your safety pin isn’t keeping the socks together and they are moving apart more:
joining marker no longer working

You’ll have to move it occasionally to keep them from accidentally losing a loop.

moving joining marker


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