Technical Difficulties!

Whew, that took a bit, couldn’t figure out where my images had gone!

Finished Objects!  YAY!

First finished object of the year, mittens!

They match a hat from September

The mittens look odd, but stretch nicely:

Second finished object!


Using Regia Zoofari in white.  Used Cat Borhdi’s Sweet Tomato Heel, which i learned on her youtube channel.  It fits very nicely, but isn’t my favorite heel.  Nice to try something different.

I’ve cast on a couple of new projects as well:

a crochet cowl and some dk weight socks  hopefully both will be quick


Also, new yarn!

No, I haven’t already broken my cold sheeping, but this was my last splurge from 2014.  I had a credit at the Loopy Ewe and knew that it would make cold sheeping difficult, (especially in the spring/summer when I’m missing new yarn input to the stash) so I went ahead and used it just after xmas.

Here it is:

I wanted bright, since the early months of the year are so dreary.


Kitt has a new trick, sleeping in my lap.  I’ve always wanted a lap cat. 🙂

But he might want to learn how to relax. 😉


Dyeing Weekend – eg a workaround?!?

Well not really a work around to not buying yarn.  This is yarn we’ve already purchased, it’s just all blank.  Darn.

AwesomeSister dyed 4 skeins:

1. Superwash Sport weight yarn

(side note: neither of us liked the way this yarn took dye, it feels lovely though)

Tri-colour skien with blue purple and green.  This isn’t her favorite skein because she had to fix it 1/2 way through the dyeing process.

2. Superwash Wool / Nylon Bulky weight yarn x2

She used Malabrigo as her inspiration and kettle dyed this pair

3. Superwash Wool Worsted

Semi-Solid gold for a blanket square

5. Superwash Wool Worsted weight

Semi-Solid green for blanket square

My offerings:

1. Superwash Wool Sport weight


I really didn’t like this skein as it was drying, it looked far too brown, but i’m growing to like the mix of colours.

2. BFL Wool/nylon fingering weight

“Winters Blues”

Every blue dye we had (plus one tinted one)  Love the depth of colour I got here.

3.BFL Wool/Nylon fingering

“Fairy Lights”

6 colours (purple, pink, yellow, orange, green, blue) dyed in sections over a long loop.  Then i chained the loop into a tight circle and dipped the whole thing in a deep black for a moment.  This resulted in a gorgeous skein with pops of bright and dark next to each other.  I’m looking forward to knitting it!

This took over an hour to dye… so gorgeous or no… there won’t be many of these in my future!


I am actually crafting as well as looking at my stash

Here is my latest spinning project, the singles are sitting there waiting to ply.

(where is your focus camera!)

A finished hat.  I needed a car hat and Spin me Right Round fit the bill.  I made it a bit too deep (I think you have to stretch it to measure the mesh properly) but it was a simple project, with soft yarn, that works perfectly to hide my hair on days when i’m just sitting in the car or going to the mall. (ie. those days when you don’t need a HEAVY.DUTY hat)

Here is my wollemeise scarf/cowl thing:
All ready for colour #2

no cute cat pictures this week…I’ll try better, I promise. 😉

New Things

Some new things have been cast on/ acquired in the past week(s)…. Le sigh, pictures are hard, yo.

First my mom made me some GORGEOUS project bags.  Two Disney Princess themed and one Christmas themed.  The Disney ones are because I may be going to Disney World soon. 😉



Awesome Sister and my Mom both knit me a pair of socks as well! 😀

Here are Awesome Sisters!  Ghosts!

I had given up on this yarn and she took the challenge and got gauge right! 😀

Here are mom’s

I love both pairs! 😀

Cast on for a new shawl to add some non-christmas knitting to my evenings.

Using some of my Wollemeise stash, finally.  I keep trying to remember that yarn is better USED than stored away in a horde.

As for my Christmas knitting?  Here is my progress.


So glad Dad prefers short legs on his socks, otherwise this would have lasted much longer


handspun that isn’t as even as I thought it was, but it still looks pretty.

Lots on the needles right now!

Kitt is still Kitt and Katie is still Katie… but my knitting time is greatly reduced. 😉

Here is Kitt pouting, a skill he is very good at.

A few FO’s

Not much to show this week, for some reason my crafting time has almost disappeared.

Could be because of this distraction:

(finally worn out from Da Bird)


My cuffs were ripped out from the last post, but I recast on for some different ones.  Phytolith Fingerless Mitts

these were quick and easy and made the stripes of skein really pop.  I’m definitely increasing the length of the stripes next time, as well as making sure I don’t leave white spots!!!!

I finished my L’Envelope.  I haven’t taken modeled shots, but I have worn it quite a bit since I finished it.  Lots of garter stitch!

my distraction could also come from the Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire demo being released:


I had big plans for Halloween with my dolls, but just haven’t been able to get to them.  I did take a cool picture of my new Haunted Beauty Mistress of the Manor.