Crochet Jag? Me? No…..

It started with the Artfully Simply Cowl:  Seen lovingly draped over Katie’s butt in this picture.

Then one dreadfully boring evening I made two crochet bowls:

Kitt wasn’t sure about the turtle one.

Then I made another crochet bowl to match the grey one above.  This time actually reading the pattern and making it the right height.

Just in time for valentines day. 🙂

Then I pulled out an old WIP and finished that:

I’m actually quite proud of it.  AwesomeSister chose the colours for it and it lives with her now.

Then I went digging around my craft books and found 101 one-skein crochet projects and made these gloves

v-stitch is quite fun

Finally I was inspired to make a …. well …. thingy.

He’s fun to play with.  I’m going to make another one but maybe with fun fur instead of smooth yarn.

It has a wire frame making it very posable.

But a crochet jag?  Nah.


 The kitties are getting used to some new things around the house

Technical Difficulties!

Whew, that took a bit, couldn’t figure out where my images had gone!

Finished Objects!  YAY!

First finished object of the year, mittens!

They match a hat from September

The mittens look odd, but stretch nicely:

Second finished object!


Using Regia Zoofari in white.  Used Cat Borhdi’s Sweet Tomato Heel, which i learned on her youtube channel.  It fits very nicely, but isn’t my favorite heel.  Nice to try something different.

I’ve cast on a couple of new projects as well:

a crochet cowl and some dk weight socks  hopefully both will be quick


Also, new yarn!

No, I haven’t already broken my cold sheeping, but this was my last splurge from 2014.  I had a credit at the Loopy Ewe and knew that it would make cold sheeping difficult, (especially in the spring/summer when I’m missing new yarn input to the stash) so I went ahead and used it just after xmas.

Here it is:

I wanted bright, since the early months of the year are so dreary.


Kitt has a new trick, sleeping in my lap.  I’ve always wanted a lap cat. 🙂

But he might want to learn how to relax. 😉

There is no crafting, only zuul, er, gargoyle

My crochet experiment all consuming project of importance can now stand by himself:

He had to get new feet to do this though, here he is showing you his original feet:
His head has my flummoxed though, I keep trying to get the shape I want set in my head, but  it just isn’t happening! blah.  He’s starting to get impaitient:
I have got a little bit of knitting done.  I manged to put in the first afterthought heel on my New Year’s socks.
My homme dolls got some new clothes.  Pants from hazelstreetdezigns and shirts from clear lan.
Katie is doing fine after her surgery.  She is back to her grumpy self.
Our solstice bunny is still visiting occasionally:
I still take random pictures of her:

Casting on and finishing up

For awhile there no matter what I did I didn't have anything on my needles. Gauge problems and ennui held me back.


I did manage to finish a lot of small things while attempting to find interesting projects.


My cabled socks are all finished! I wish I could show just how sparkly they are!


Finished up my Bfl koi pond spin. 293 yds in a dk weight. I'm very happy with the end result since I had to abandon my original intentions to 3 ply it, but the 2 ply looks wonderful.


Finished these super quick fingerless mitts from my handspun, I really enjoyed this knit.


Made these quick crochet slippers for my mom's birthday. She liked them. 🙂



The dolls also have a new sweater and dress.



So that is all my finished objects, whew. I'll show all my wip's next time.

Contemplative Katie is contemplative.