It’s finished…

My entrelac shawl was finally finished, finishing it completely destroyed my motivation to do anything else for WEEKS however.

It is over 9 feet long and almost impossible to take a decent picture of. I have been wearing it since it was finished and I love the large scarf feel of it.


On the doll front I have a few new acquisitions:

A suit for my homme dolls arrived. When I put Thanatos in it and posed him beside Erebus they ended up looking like a mob boss and one of his thugs.

The Tris Divergent doll arrived, and was rebodied to a spare pivotal body (Frank Sinatra), she is extremely pretty and rather innocent looking. Well compared to some of my other girls.

The Divergent Four doll also came home. Thankfully he doesn’t have to be rebodied.

My Catching Fire Katniss was finally rebodied onto a pivotal body (Paso Doble). She’s gorgeous, but very pouty.

I really have to stop buying dolls that I can’t rebody onto Obitsu bodies. That leaves me with only Nuetra and Peace as possible skintones. Thankfully Barbie Collector is getting better about telling you what skintone a doll has.


Focusing on the Happy

I’ve run out of emotional fortitude on my color affection, I’ve done something wrong and it needs to be frogged back *sob*, but that will have to wait for another day!

So the projects stand thus:


Both are new and I cast them both on Feb 16.

Harvest Dew Socks
STR Lightweight in Fire on the Mountain

2013-02-16 11:06 PM

2013-02-20 6:40 PM

This pattern is so stinking addictive and the yarn is happy making and bright… already past the heel on the first sock!

Girly Girl Socks
Wool2Dye4 Shelia’s Sparkle in Life in the Dream House (hand-dyed)

2013-02-16 7:32 PM

2013-02-20 6:39 PM

Stripes! Fun! 😀


Starving Artist Hat
My Handspun from Woolgatherings in a Mixed BFL
The hat is a bit small for me, but I like it anyway.

2013-02-10 9:15 PM

2013-02-10 9:15 PM

Sparkle Socks
Hermione’s Everyday Socks
Wool2Dye4 Shelia’s Sparkle in Andromeda Galaxy (hand-dyed)
2013-02-15 8:17 PM


The doll fashion show went really well, I can show what I made now…

Some outfits for the Monster High Dolls, the first was self designed.

catrine - glasses

rochelle - front

spectra jacket

Some for my Barbie hybrids, all were self designed




Making stuff for these dolls is such a fun distraction from larger projects. Even if all the larger projects are in hibernation right now. 😉


I’m kicking myself because I found this on someone’s knitting blog and can’t remember whose it was! They had the brilliant idea of chain plying noro sock yarn to make a thicker yarn. I pulled a neglected skein of silk garden sock out of the stash and now I have:

2013-02-17 4:44 PM

2013-02-17 5:00 PM

2013-02-20 6:41 PM

2013-02-20 6:41 PM

Bulky? weight
~ 90 yards
It’s a lovely tweedy yarn and has a nice tight 3-ply twist. I’m thinking fingerless mitts. 🙂

Katie is adapting to a recent furniture shake up, and is finding new and interesting places to sleep.

2013-02-19 2:39 PM

2013-02-18 5:12 PM

Small things, big plans

Soooo… I should mention that I got an iPad mini for christmas. Normally I wouldn’t mention it but I’ve taken to spending a lot of time on it and taking quite a few photos with it. They aren’t as clear as my regular camera, but they sync to my computer auto-magically and I’m quite taken with my new toy.

This is my way of saying: Picture quality may go down around here… until the shiny and new factor wears off a bit.

But! You’ll get extra candid pictures of Katie!


So black cats are hard to photograph anyway, most of the time you get a black puddle of fur:

puddle of fluff

sometimes they’ve made a mess (kibble everywhere) that detracts from the photo:

messy kibble!

Sometimes the background is less than ideal (black on black huh, what was I thinking):

slightly grainy whut? expression

And sometimes the angle isn’t the most flattering (fuzzy butt wants treats, and still with the messy kibble!):

begging for treats

But then you use your proper camera and catch her napping:

worn out from playing

and because you are weird you take a picture of her limp tail:
tail hang


Hmmm…. this was supposed to be about knitting/crafting… let’s get into that!

Current WIP’s

1. Sparkle socks

Still on the first one, I really should pull it out more often than just lunch time at work.

2. Colour Affection

Added in the third colour and I’m 3 repeats into the short row section! Didn’t take a picture though…

3. NEW PROJECT! Amigurumi Dragon

2013-01-15 10:12 PM

Supposed to be 14in high, 34in long with a 54in wingspan… I really hope it is as epic as it sounds. 🙂 So far so good.

4. NEW PROJECT! Doll outfit

The next fashion show in the Good Things Together group on Ravelry starts Feb 7. The theme is After Dark. I don’t want to share the whole outfit until the show, but here’s a teaser for the first part of it. I’ve got lots of plans for this show, whether I accomplish them is another thing.

new doll project

simple little raglan at the moment.

Finished this week

1. Well to properly celebrate ‘After Dark’ my dolls needed a blanket!

2013-01-15 6:48 PM

A granny square rectangle, using sock weight yarn and measuring 12in x 8in, fits the bill nicely.

2. Finished KAL with AwesomeSister!


standing up


Katie tried to lick him. 😉

katie liked how fluffy he was


I am nearly out of the blue! Fiber Optic Merino/Silk blend. This is working up super smooth.

knit girls sal

This is where I would normally post a Katie picture… look above for your fix! 😀