Stash Flash: Fiber

Now we move to fiber, probably my smallest section of stash. I've kept my fiber to one bin, and have mostly been successful. I am a very sporadic spinner, and quite slow so I have to keep it small, ish.

The bin

The bin, with supervisor.

Some fiber from Into the Whirled. Her Polworth is gorgeous and these are named based on Dr. Who episodes

A bump of fiber from Loop. I can never get it to pull as a center pull ball, but pulling from the outside works for me.

Some Juliespins fiber. This is always gorgeous and soft, I love looking at her Etsy store.

I plan to make these into a fractal gradient. Three ply as well. Just need to get my courage up.

Camel, merino and silk. Gorgeous and soft.
Pulling out all my fiber inspired me to start a new project. Some of my oldest merino. And a gift from my parents. 🙂


I've already finished the first bobbin, but haven't been able to get to the next because of life. Darn it.



Katie is finally back to normal after a bad infection. So glad. 🙂






Crochet Jag? Me? No…..

It started with the Artfully Simply Cowl:  Seen lovingly draped over Katie’s butt in this picture.

Then one dreadfully boring evening I made two crochet bowls:

Kitt wasn’t sure about the turtle one.

Then I made another crochet bowl to match the grey one above.  This time actually reading the pattern and making it the right height.

Just in time for valentines day. 🙂

Then I pulled out an old WIP and finished that:

I’m actually quite proud of it.  AwesomeSister chose the colours for it and it lives with her now.

Then I went digging around my craft books and found 101 one-skein crochet projects and made these gloves

v-stitch is quite fun

Finally I was inspired to make a …. well …. thingy.

He’s fun to play with.  I’m going to make another one but maybe with fun fur instead of smooth yarn.

It has a wire frame making it very posable.

But a crochet jag?  Nah.


 The kitties are getting used to some new things around the house