Stash Flash: Sweater Quantity

Ignoring the two (two!!!) sweaters I have in time out, here is my sweater quantity bin.

And here it is all spread out:

From oldest to newest.
Elann Superwash chunky (which according to rav knits up at a worsted gauge)
Dream in Color Classy: Gothic Rose
A nice dark version of this colour
Sanguine Gryphon Traveller: Tenochitlan (DK)
Sanguine Gryphon Traveller: Delft
Shrug quantity of Berrocco Vintage in Black
Berrocco Remix
I don’t have the best history with sweaters, but here are a few from my past

2 thoughts on “Stash Flash: Sweater Quantity

  1. I have a sweater (hmm maybe 2) in time out as well. I feel like I’m almost ready to return …

    You have some fantastic sweater quantity yarn though. I kinda wanna roll around in it, ha! You’re going to have some lovely garments!

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