Stash Flash : The Undyed

Here is my undyed bin:



Um…. well that isn’t exciting, let me annotate it.


The worsted is for AwesomeSisters blanket.  She dyes 50g skeins as she needs them for new squares.

The DK is a cashmere blend and is lovely to work with.

The sport and bulky are for playing around with and the Aran cone is leftover from years past (we really should skein that up)

The fingering is there b/c socks are so much fun to knit!


Can you guess how much yarn is there?  Go on, guess.

5,120 yards.


I didn’t believe the calculator the first time, I had to redo the math!


BTW.. my dealer enabler is Wool2Dye4.  She has retail sales events twice a year where you can buy half kilogram bags (5 skeins vs usual 10).  If you wanted a bunch of high quality natural coloured yarn I would consider her a great option!  One of my favorite yarn bases is Shelia’s Gold and Shelia’s Sparkle (stellina added but same base).  I’m always happy to find an indie dyer using this 2ply base.  I seriously only knit with this base (done by different dyers) for 9 months one year.  And didn’t regret a moment of it. 😀

Some projects I’ve made from self dyed yarn include:



Well goodness, it’s been awhile since I knit with my own yarn, had to dig back in my archives a bit and mostly it was during my sock knitter days.

Some of AwesomeSisters self dyed projects include:



(this is knit from one her most gorgeous self-dyed skeins, imo)

Stay tuned for more stash!


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