Stash Flash: Wollemeise

Sock yarn stash

A super hard to find (though that’s changed), ultra sought after and gorgeous yarn? Sign me up!!!

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a yarn snob. But on top of the exclusivity, this yarns saturated colours and unique 12 ply structure make it wonderful to use.

I’ve managed to acquire a collection:

(Same skeins, I added the wound cakes)


I’ve also added the new ‘blend’ base and dk base to my collection this Xmas.


Awesomesister also has a small collection, she started by taking some skeins I didn’t like and continued from there.

The two skeins in the upper left are her dk skeins.

Projects I’ve done in the past:





Currently I have a shawl on the needles, but it is just a teal triangle at the moment. Here is one of my dolls in front of it.



I hope this entry didn’t come off as too much bragging. I’m using these stash flash entries to remind myself why I don’t need to buy yarn for the next 12 months.

Here’s an adorable cat picture for making it this far.


Ummm, yeah it’s a bit dark. But they are cuddling! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Stash Flash: Wollemeise

    • It seems to be a love/hate thing. Either it is the BEST.YARN.EVER or much ado about nothing. 🙂

      Lots more stash to flash in the coming weeks! Eep!

  1. While I would love to join you in the no new yarn for the year club (because really, I don’t need it) I can’t. I’m weak, and weak I’ll remain. But you see, you have me wondering about this yarn, and if I remain weak, I might be able to find out …

    • I’ve done it before and abstaining from yarn is TOUGH! But I have literally run out of places to put yarn, with awesomesister and I having equivalent stashes there is plenty of yarn in the house. And things like madelinetosh adding nylon to their sock base this year isn’t helping!!!! D:

      I’m always happy to enable, is the website. Currently there isn’t anything in stock! (glad I bought some when I did) The Loopy Ewe also stocks it periodically, but those updates usually sell out pretty fast. most of my early stuff comes from trading on Ravelry. Happy hunting. 🙂

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