New Things

Some new things have been cast on/ acquired in the past week(s)…. Le sigh, pictures are hard, yo.

First my mom made me some GORGEOUS project bags.  Two Disney Princess themed and one Christmas themed.  The Disney ones are because I may be going to Disney World soon. 😉



Awesome Sister and my Mom both knit me a pair of socks as well! 😀

Here are Awesome Sisters!  Ghosts!

I had given up on this yarn and she took the challenge and got gauge right! 😀

Here are mom’s

I love both pairs! 😀

Cast on for a new shawl to add some non-christmas knitting to my evenings.

Using some of my Wollemeise stash, finally.  I keep trying to remember that yarn is better USED than stored away in a horde.

As for my Christmas knitting?  Here is my progress.


So glad Dad prefers short legs on his socks, otherwise this would have lasted much longer


handspun that isn’t as even as I thought it was, but it still looks pretty.

Lots on the needles right now!

Kitt is still Kitt and Katie is still Katie… but my knitting time is greatly reduced. 😉

Here is Kitt pouting, a skill he is very good at.


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