All these partial projects…

Throughout July I kept putting my wrist out, which made knitting (well anything) extremely uncomfortable.   As such, nothing has really gotten done!


Blanket: 32/220(ish)



Hitofude: 10/15 repeats for back/arms section




Definitely need to start working on keeping my wrist well.  I’m miserable when I’m not crafting.

I have some finished objects to share. 🙂


16 Cable Hat in Cascade Hollywood.  Cascade Hollywood has definitely surprised me.  Squishy superwash wool and lots of sparkle!  I’m not sure the hat suits me, but I enjoyed knitting it.

Finished these four small pieces for my MH Centaurs (love these dolls!)

frilly sleeveless top, shrug/cropped shirt, ballet wrap, tshirt. 🙂


Here is Katie being adorable.  She’s grown out her winter ruff.  Silly thing.

Here she is a couple of weeks before claiming her ball

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