Weekend Stuff

Not a lot of knitting happened this weekend, mostly because of this:

(Masuda Method shiny) Kirlia!  She’s quite awesome, but I may have played a little too much.

I was also trying to get a shiny Eevee, but no luck so far.

This week is also a sort of bust because of… NEW DOLLS!!!

Hard Rock 2008.  She is so cool!

I’ve named her Styx and here she is changed and rebodied.  I haven’t gotten the courage to cut her original outfit off that model muse body.  I will… one day.

Next we have the Queen of the constellations.  She surprised me so much.  I love her!  Plus her gown had a velcro closure so I didn’t have to add velcro or snaps to it!  So happy.  and the clothes fit her new body, well except for her necklace but that was held onto her with a rubber band on the model muse body.

Not all of the dolls in the next photo are new, but none of them have names (or want to be renamed).  So I’m spending the week assigning them names/personalities in my little doll world.


Katie is feeling neglected


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