Dyeing Weekend

AwesomeSister and I pulled out our dyepots on Victoria Day.  We were trying a new dyeing technique where you intentionally place small dashes of colour on the yarn.  The hope is to add colour without pooling.  For these skeins we reskeined the yarn so it was about twice the original diameter, painted them with small areas of colour and then reskeined to the original diameter (so the swift will work on them again!)

We both did four skeins.  I did two with the new method and two with my old method.  My old method is kettle dyeing.  Basically I put enough water to cover the skein in a pot.  Bring the pot to barely ‘steaming’ (this isn’t scientific in any way) and then pour dye on the yarn.  Often I’ll pour some dye, let it set and then pour more on.

Here are my old method skeins:

Dark magic: 438 yds 85/10/5 Superwash merino/nylon/stellina  (sparkle sock)

A moody green (newly discovered gunmetal+chartreuse), purple and black

Lycan: 465 yds 75/25  Superwash Bfl/nylon (BFL Sock)

grey, brown and sprinkles of black


New method skeins:

Swamp Dragon: BFL Sock

Greens, rusty oranges and a hint of turquoise.  I actually used every yellow/orange that we had and then overdyed with sky blue.  A big change from the BRIGHT skein it was before going into the pot.

Before reskeining

After reskeining

Fairy Wings:BFL Sock

greens, blues, turquoise and oranges.

I love this one! 😀

Before reskeining

After reskeining


AwesomeSisters set:

I know less about these than mine.  But I’ll try to describe them as best I can.

Plasma Tube: Sparkle sock

Iirc, there are 7 or 8 different colours on this skein.


Dirigible Flight: 80/10/10 SW Merino/Cashmere/Nylon (Cash Sock)

Two purples and an antiqued gold. Self striping



Cyber Days: Cash Sock

So many colours!  Gorgeous in person.

Steam Time: BFL Sock

Just beautiful.  I love this mix of colours. 🙂






oh dear, almost all of these fit me.  😐


on board the hype train… just waiting for information….


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