Lessons Learned

So the gargoyle is done!

He is 22 inches high and has a wingspan of 32 inches.  His tail is 22 inches long.  He used a little over 3 skeins of Caron simply soft and a 3.25mm hook.  Design is my own.

Here are some progress photos:







Acheron is 13″ tall in comparison.







Okay, I started him on a whim, and then became a touch obsessed.  He’s pretty much the reason I haven’t done much this year.  But I did learn a few great lessons about freeform design.

Make the face first!

– seriously it is the hardest part and gives the whole piece character.  Do this when you have the most passion/inspiration for the project.

Take breaks!

– I  threw my wrist out twice making this guy.  Once on his head and then again on his tail.  Take breaks, no matter how excited you are

Keep notes and note changes

– I did this and actually have a semi-decent pattern to work from if I wanted to recreate him.  But I need to make sure I update them if I rip back and rework a part.

Don’t over commit

– I’m so glad AwesomeSister talked me into using worsted weight yarn for his loincloth.  I initially was going to use fingering weight.  I didn’t need to be working on his loin cloth for a week, and it would have removed some of my motivation.  If I want to give him better clothes, I’ll go back and make him something else.

Big pieces = big structure

-He’s huge, I should have used a much thicker wire for his internal structure or at least doubled the wire for his legs at least.  Next time I’ll make a quick sketch of the structure I want to build, and because I hate working around wire, I’ll put holes in the fabric to place wires after the fact.

Make a wig then sew it to the head

-especially when working with fun fur… It is so much easier to attach if the wig shape is already there and you aren’t shaping it and sewing it to the head… that way lies pain

Stuff firmly

-I intentionally didn’t stuff his legs full, but I should have.  I thought it would give them more flexibility, but it ended up making them a weak point.  The internal wire structure should be able to move a limb, no matter how firmly stuffed

Having a cheering squad really helps

-Even if you are just complaining about having to rip back, support helps your motivation. 🙂


Need to learns:

How to hide the end of wires!  Especially the wires around his wings.


found this great tumblr blog so I’ll spam stuff here:





yeah I’m feeling a little lacklustre these days, but at least I can laugh about it?  meh.


2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

  1. Wow! Your own amazing free form design? Sheesh, you are an artist. It’s wildly impressive good on you! Also, love the first comic. My kid shamelessly does it in the livingroom. I still do it too, but you know, when I’m alone with my own laundry in my own room, like a proper lady 😉 And the Failure one? Yeah let’s just say I relate to that a little too well. shh.

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