Irony and other happenings

Here is Katie eating a rabbit based food while a rabbit sits in front of her.  😉

Katie and Bun-bun (official nickname) don’t pay much attention to each other.  Katie prefers the birds outside and Bun-bun seems to be a wizened rabbit who isn’t afraid of much.
Here is a ‘closer’ (but blurry) look at Bun-bun, he has white cheeks but has mostly turned brown.
I’ve finished a couple of things lately:
First this fun pair of fingerless mitts.  Fun short rows and interesting construction made them super quick to knit.  I knit the 2nd one in one evening!

My spinning is finished:

A 2 ply (100% bfl, Nest Fibers, colourway: inlet) light worsted yarn.  Around 350 yds, if I remember correctly.


i’m very happy with my plying here and the consistency of the singles was pretty good as well. 🙂

Somehow I ended up with 11 skeins of Rios in Archangel.  (snerk… somehow)

I’ve decided to make a blanket.  trying for 6×6 squares that are full of texture.  I’ve got 5 finished and am working on the 6th right now.  I would have a pictures but flickr was being annoying the other day.

Just started a few projects last night.  This seems to be a slow year for crafting, well for anything, but I have some big plans.

this is sadly true….



One thought on “Irony and other happenings

  1. Fun post! I love the colors you spun up and in that gorgeous Malabrigo that um, just kinda happened your way. ha! I DO know how that happens! The images are fun and I can definitely relate. There are definitely mornings where right after I put my butt in my chair, I’m thinking “the fact I’m here is amazing, where’s my blue ribbon?”

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