Mojo returned

It took a bit, but my mojo for crafting has returned.

I actually brought my wheel out and started spinning. I chose a simple 100% BFL braid and split it in two vertically. Here are some pictures of the first bobbin:

My work socks were finally complete.  This colourway from Ancient Arts Fibre is called Calico Cat and it was fun to watch it flash and pool.  The second sock spiraled on the foot where the first flashed vertically.


The most fun slippers ever!  These knit up so quickly and while they looked strange off the foot, they are perfect when on. 🙂



Katie showing her plush fur off. 🙂




2 thoughts on “Mojo returned

  1. Fun post! I love the colors you spun up. Silky and shiny and lovely in all the best ways. I laughed when I read the colorway on your socks. Calico Cat, no kidding! I think you may have persuaded me to get some sock blockers…

    • Thanks! Sock blockers are fun b/c you don’t have to try and take a picture of your own feet. 🙂 I used to have to hold my feet in a ‘normal’ position while bending completely over and holding my camera upside down. lol.

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