It’s finished…

My entrelac shawl was finally finished, finishing it completely destroyed my motivation to do anything else for WEEKS however.

It is over 9 feet long and almost impossible to take a decent picture of. I have been wearing it since it was finished and I love the large scarf feel of it.


On the doll front I have a few new acquisitions:

A suit for my homme dolls arrived. When I put Thanatos in it and posed him beside Erebus they ended up looking like a mob boss and one of his thugs.

The Tris Divergent doll arrived, and was rebodied to a spare pivotal body (Frank Sinatra), she is extremely pretty and rather innocent looking. Well compared to some of my other girls.

The Divergent Four doll also came home. Thankfully he doesn’t have to be rebodied.

My Catching Fire Katniss was finally rebodied onto a pivotal body (Paso Doble). She’s gorgeous, but very pouty.

I really have to stop buying dolls that I can’t rebody onto Obitsu bodies. That leaves me with only Nuetra and Peace as possible skintones. Thankfully Barbie Collector is getting better about telling you what skintone a doll has.


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