Pokemon killed the blog…

But I think I am ready to look away from my 3DS…. (We'll not discuss animal crossing)




Xmas presents have sort of taken over, boo, but I'm half a sock away from completion.

I finished dad's socks:



And here is a hint at moms socks



My personal project


Le sigh, this is the only thing I want to be working on, but Xmas is sort of a fixed deadline.



So, I've actually been spinning. First a standard spin for me, Bfl n-ply:





Next, I decided to try the 'fat singles' technique. I knew I would end up with a thick-thin yarn, but I'm very glad with what I managed. The thinnest strands are approx. worsted, and the overall average is a bulky. 🙂





Katie is, well, Katie. She's fine and incredibly spoiled.



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