The beads are calling me…

Okay first up….

Untitled photo [AF109E7C-6A85-4754-82F9-F25EBA504749]

This makes me laugh every time I walk past in Pokemon X.  I’ve played on this a lot but the game isn’t over yet… and there are hints that it will expand! o_o

Finished Projects

I have a few FO’s, despite being glued to my 3DS. 😉

My Desert Vista Dyeworks Socks are finished!  Plenty of time for Halloween too. 🙂

Untitled photo [3A116185-B99B-474B-B35E-C2A498469DC8]

Some teeny ghosts (pattern from Anna Hrachovec’s Teeny Tiny Mochi Mochi).  Awesome Sister knit one of them (smallest one, she is a tight knitter)

Untitled photo [E09E51B3-A8B0-429C-A6FE-D4F563DD24A5]

Untitled photo [8CD666A9-E256-4A29-8C93-CE1C7A4ACBA0]

Works in Progress

Here are the beads!  Started the Aquitaine Cuffs.  The first few rows were awkward, but now it is going along swimmingly.

Here it was at the beginning of the evening yesterday:

Untitled photo [07CC3E21-2049-4307-8A85-3CB6F3BD2CC3]

And here it is at the end of evening: (love it!)

Untitled photo [85819CDF-7C89-4195-952E-2E75BC92332C]


New Dolls!

I bought the new Haunted Beauty Barbie: Vampire.  She is gorgeous!  Here are a few pictures, you can see last year’s Haunted Beauty: Ghost in those shots as well:

Untitled photo [F1C24FE3-432C-4439-8740-6512CF487982]

Untitled photo [12243529-1D07-4CE7-80F8-9AA322A69F47]


We had the silliest bunny outside the other day, he looked so bored.

silly bunny

silly bunny



And Katie is smiling beside me on the couch. (awww)

Untitled photo [A5757B9B-5F1D-4B2D-B4DB-49DF0CFE2DB5]




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