Knitting Roundup

The beads are starting their take over…

It took me so long to write this post that I finished the left mitt!




These are the Queen Lucy Mitts and they are being knit from some of my vacation stash, though I've added a picot edge.


EGMTK! (Ewe give me the knits) cash-merino, I also indulged in another skein of this stuff.

This brand is Australian spun and grown.

I was trying to buy yarn that definitely wasn't available locally, and I seem to be drawn to indie dyers, thus my next purchase.

Blue ridge yarn co. In chocolate chip. While I disagree that the colour is anything like chocolate chip, I love the earthy colours.


Next came a Bfl yarn that was spun in Yorkshire from British sheep.


Love the natural brown colour. This is scheduled to be a hat and gloves.



Further works in progress


Socks for Dad, I'm actually knitting Xmas presents early this year!

These are the simple skyp socks, and in str medium weight they are working up really fast!


My phenomenal woman socks are nearing the 50%…actually in the time it took me to write this?

Crappy night photo. Loving this pattern.

Close up of pattern.


Katie interlude, she's grown a fabulous winter coat.



Finished objects


Finally got back to my wheel after the temperature dropped enough. This is juliespins 100% sw Bfl in take me back. I got 385 yds of approx a dk weight. I was going for consistency and I'm not sure i was successful, but I do like the end result. N-ply.



Self designed, well insofar I didn't use a pattern, fingerless mitts. Noro taiyo, which is a lovely yarn.



Pisa cowl from my handspun, cast on 240 sts and went until I finished the yarn. One of my in progress shots is actually featured on the project page!!!

This one actually.
The cowl is ginormous! I can stretch it over my shoulders and wear it like a wrap!


As I said Katie has grown a fabulous winter coat, she'll need it because there is a frost warning for tonight!! :D. I even got to wear wool socks on Tuesday! Yay!!


She even has super fluffy toes!




Also, this is a new pokemon called furfrou:

He is a poodle pokemon and you can do this to it:


On October 12th I will catch one, and train it and name it Gimmick.



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