Vacation photos

Okay, so it wasn't a big vacation, just a weekend, but it was fun.

First we went to Calgary. I'll share my yarn purchases later but here are the pictures I took at the zoo.

Grumpy snowy owl


Baby caribou
Baby muskox and mom ( yet again I was so close to quivuit!)


The bears were super active, this grizzly was just interested in sitting though.
Just sitting…


His cage mate wandered all over the exhibit and slurped loudly as he drank water! 🙂


Then he settled done with a rock pillow.


One of the black bears was sleeping RIGHT NEXT to the glass. I'll never be closer to a bear!



He kind of reminded me of Katie. 🙂


The penguins were as fantastic as last time, but they move so quickly most of my pictures ended up blurry!


My best 'in the water' shot
The king penguins are so cool.

Next we went to Banff national park.


Bow lake


Crowfoot glacier


Lake louise


Castle mountain



Awesome tree at Johnson canyon


Johnson canyon


A random mountain
Whew. It was a fun, but busy, weekend. Katie was super glad we were home.
Flirting for attention



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