Summer knitting

Summer is here, and knitting is difficult in the heat. Before the heat set in ( and it can leave any time ) I managed to finish a few things.

Finished objects

Not too fancy

Working with my most recent loop handspun I cast on this simple pattern and it flew off the needles.

Cast on : June 27

Cast off: June 29

There is something so satisfying about working with my own handspun.


Smashing cuffs

These were so much fun. The book, what else would Madame defarge knit, is full of clever patterns, though I could care less about the literary essays.

Cast on: June 13

Cast off: June 24

Some hand-dyed from last year, soft and squishy.


Finishing older things…

My juliespins fiber from earlier last month was finished this week. I got 328 yards of a true 3- ply and a additional 43 yards of n-ply.


It is a mostly even dk weight, not the fingering I was aiming for, but whatever. I have lots of fingering weight yarn.

New stash

The lys around here have been having some great sales.


Spore and ocheroid


A new yarn by manos really surprised me and I had to buy it.

Zauberball crazy, in a pretty wildflower type colour.

Meow foundation yarn – calico cat


This was just so pretty, and kitties!

Yeah, I have to slow down on the stashing again. Boo.





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