On being a fiberhog…

…and an epic catchup post as well.

May was a terrible month for me and the stress sent me to the interwebs for some shopping therapy.

2013-05-28 6:18 PM

Serious fiber therapy… 7 braids!!!!

Up first: Nest Fiber Studio, “Inlet” on BFL

2013-05-28 6:17 PM

2. Spunky Eclectic, “Glacier” on Merino/Silk

2013-05-27 5:35 PM

3.Spunky Eclectic, “Mystic Springs” on BFL

2013-05-27 5:31 PM

4. Juliespins, “Apple” on BFL

2013-05-27 5:29 PM

5. Juliespins, “On the Verge” on Superwash BFL

2013-05-27 5:29 PM

6. Juliespins, “Take me Back” on Superwash BFL

2013-05-21 5:16 PM

7. Juliespings, “Bright Semolina” on BFL

2013-05-21 5:16 PM

so of course I had to start spinning, otherwise my bin of fiber was going to overflow!


Loop Batt: Merino/Bamboo

some in progress pictures:

2013-05-09 10:39 PM

2013-05-09 10:38 PM

finished yarn, 256 yards of a worsted/aran weight (n-ply):

2013-05-11 7:36 PM

2013-05-11 7:36 PM

Woolgatherings BFL/Silk

2013-05-12 1:38 PM

2013-05-14 7:22 PM

2013-05-19 9:23 PM

2013-05-19 9:23 PM

The finished yarn turned out to be 155 yds of an aran weight, n-ply.

I’m currently working on:
Juliespins, Superwash BFL, “Not your baby blues and pinks”
2013-04-08 5:18 PM

2013-06-03 10:27 PM

I’m hoping for a 3ply fingering weight. I’ve finished two of the plys and I’m not sure it’ll be as fine as I want, but it should work.


AwesomeSister was dyeing yarn for her epic blanket project and dyed some (more) fiber for me.

2013-05-20 12:28 PM

On mixed BFL, it is soo pretty. 🙂


Whew… let’s take a quick break here.

2013-05-21 6:14 PM


Knitting and Crochet


1) Simple Cables socks
2013-06-04 5:24 PM

my cabled socks are going super slowly. I’m about to drop the side cable on the foot to make the sock end faster.

2) 2@at bed socks

2013-06-04 5:26 PM

I’m going to switch to one at a time, I just need these to be finished faster.

3) Summer sweater

2013-06-04 5:23 PM

heh, silly picture. I’ve finished both the fronts and the arms. I’m working on the back of the bodice and then it will look more like a sweater.


1) Kitsune Fox

Who doesn’t need a nine tailed fox?
2013-05-12 1:24 PM

2013-05-12 1:24 PM

2) iPad Pillow
Seriously silly until you start using it. I almost need a 2nd one for my living room. It is the most useful thing I’ve made this year.

2013-05-26 6:32 PM

and it works as a doll seat as well

2013-05-26 6:34 PM

3) Terribly Simple
My handspun shawl is finished! I love it and only wish it was cool enough to wear it. 😉
2013-05-31 6:17 PM
2013-05-31 6:17 PM

4) Spinning slippers

Awesome sister gifted me the pattern on the 3rd and I have finished a pair by the 4th. Lots of fun. 🙂
2013-06-04 4:04 PM

Katie isn’t feeling very well today, but has been relaxing the rest of the week.

2013-05-21 6:13 PM

2013-06-03 1:41 PM


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