Look at this! I finished knitting it!
the finished, but not blocked fo!


Took me almost exactly Six Months 😯 😳

I was finally able to find a way to keep track of the pattern, albeit while I was knitting the border, but a good idea is a good idea no matter how late in the process it comes. The solution was a double ring stitch marker, allowing me to see “every other right side row”.

Here’s one in action

and both of them off the needles:

the solution to all my problems

Awesome Sister was kind enough to add the extra ring to them. Thanks! 😀

I’m also about to finish my stripey work socks, but I don’t have a picture for you. They are boring until they are finished anyway. 😛

My handspun from last week got its bath. It is gorgeous! Shiny and squishy! I love how tactile spinning has made yarn for me. 🙂


I’ve nicknamed the colour “Vineyard” and I can see an autumn cowl, even if my Mom has dropped a few hints about how nice it is. 😉

Spring has NOT sprung this year, it is teasing and lurking at the edges of winter. That is to say: it is VERY GRAY here. I hate this time of year, no sun, no leaves on the trees, just clouds and wind.

So in attempt to find joy again, I have every intention of casting on SUPER COLOURFUL projects this weekend. Everyone of them in a colourful bag.

finding joy in colour

Ah spring.

The jackrabbit that occasionally visits us has come back lately. He’s still quite white, but his head is mostly brown so spring must be on the horizon.

Also, crappy photo is crappy. I’m going back to my camera for ‘outdoor’ shots. 😉

Katie thinks my handspun is underwhelming… but the sheer amount of colour is making me happy.

2013-04-13 3:27 PM

“Get it off, Get it off, Get it off!”
katie disapproves of my handspun


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