Change of plans

I had every intention of just knitting on my colour affection to GET.IT.DONE. but I allowed myself the luxury of spinning as a distraction. Which means I did a lot of spinning.

This woolgathering bump of BFL was my ‘distraction’:

2013-03-26 9:41 PM
I tried a different splitting technique which worked very well.

2013-03-26 10:01 PM

I quickly had one bobbin of the thinnest most consistent singles I’ve ever made.
2013-03-27 9:14 PM

The next 2oz worked up just as quickly.
2013-03-27 9:27 PM

2013-03-30 1:31 PM

Plying seemed to take FOREVER but I have a gorgeous 2ply yarn, somewhere between a heavy lace/light fingering:

2013-04-01 9:08 PM

2013-04-01 9:50 PM

Katie didn’t help much in the plying:

2013-04-01 9:09 PM

I still have quite a lot on one of the bobbins, so I’ll ply that up later this week.

2013-04-01 9:51 PM


More fiber arrived from Into the Whirled on Monday, some of the softest polwarth I have ever felt. 🙂

Vampires in Venice and Snow Angels, with an Ood

2013-04-01 6:14 PM

I have managed to knit up to where I was on the colour affection before I realized I had made a huge mistake, it is looking much better this time around. I still just WANT.IT.DONE.

2013-04-03 6:58 PM

I also have been working on the after game events in Pokemon White 2, which has been fun.

2013-04-03 7:14 PM


I had a small dyeing session last weekend, two skeins with gold sparkle:

2013-03-31 11:31 AM

2013-03-31 11:31 AM

4oz of mixed bfl:

2013-03-31 11:17 AM
2013-03-31 11:20 AM

Not my favorite results, but it was fun.


Katie woke up today and looked so tired and grumpy I had to take a picture.

2013-04-03 2:33 PM

but here is a better photo of her when she isn’t so tired:

2013-04-01 5:25 PM


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