100% more Distraction

Lots of things have caught my crafty attention over the last few weeks.

It has helped that spring has brought two major snowstorms back to back. The view out my window looks like:

2013-03-21 2:50 PM

(lots of snow, it was clear out there before this new blast of winter)

Works in Progress

Persephone’s Socks
Another Crafty Girl “Twinkle Sock” in Bulbasaur
2013-03-24 5:06 PM
I’m having a hard time getting back into knitting a patterned sock, so I chose a sock with an interesting rib and some fun arch shaping. It helps that I’ve done this pattern before. I’m pathetically slow when knitting rib though, so these will take awhile.

Large Hadron Collider Socks
String Theory Colorworks “Inertia” in Large Hadron Collider

Half way! I kitchenered the toe a few nights ago. Looking forward to this fun pair joining my sock drawer.

2013-03-24 5:28 PM

Colour Affection
Sanguine Gryphon “Bugga” in Tulip Tree Beauty, Common Emerald Moth and Bess Beetle

Sucked it up and frogged back the 3rd stripe section. Let’s see if I can figure out what I was doing wrong. (I couldn’t when I looked at it) Playing with the Bugga was super nice though, so I want to work on the project.

I managed to get 2 repeats of the 3rd section back. This pattern and I are not clicking… I have to say I hate working on it. But I know that I’m going to like the end result. Oh the “joys” of being a product knitter.

2013-03-24 5:26 PM


Irish Coffee Sweater

just not into this…

Finished Objects

Harvest Dew Socks
Blue Moon Fiber Arts “STR Lightweight” in Fire on the Mountain
Yay! Happy socks are done and they are AWESOME!
2013-03-09 3:38 PM

Camden Cap
Malabrigo “Rios” in Pearl Ten
This project came in under 10 days. Love the end result and the pattern was clear and easy.

2013-03-19 10:07 PM
2013-03-19 9:38 PM
2013-03-19 9:38 PM

Eevee Pixel Art
Random scraps
Got inspired. Eevee is my favorite pokemon and I might follow this up with his over evolutions, or not… we’ll see.
2013-03-16 9:06 PM
A little bit of intarsia was fun. πŸ™‚


JulieSpins Falkland
2013-03-23 7:31 PM
Intentionally spun thick (though it turned out thick/thin) and 2 plied. I love how squishy it is! I think I like 2 ply yarn when the plies are more consistent though, so that will be a challenge next time.


Katie has been busy

snow watching:
2013-03-21 4:16 PM

hanging out:
2013-03-09 5:28 PM

and wondering what the noise coming from AwesomeSisters room is:
2013-03-13 5:18 PM

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