Surprise Dyeing Adventure

…with help!

(sidenote: i was waiting to blog until I had finished something, and now that it is done I have TOO MUCH to blog about, so another post will be coming this week)

I decided to finally give in and discover whether I can dye fiber or not. Usually it comes out alright, but I don’t like the way the colour looks nor do I like the finished product.

Katie decided I needed constant supervision…

The setup was checked:

got to make sure it stays down...

The trash bag was sniffed:
yep empty

She did sit and wait, imitating a shoe, while we mixed up the stinky chemicals though:
I am not a shoe, take that back!

Making sure I cover the whole area with saran wrap:

Whoa, that is a lot of saran wrap.

And placing the fiber:
That looks yummy

She got a bit bored when I started painting:
when will it end!?!

(Truth be told I got bored of it too… fiber doesn’t take dye the same way and handpainting a whole 8oz braid isn’t fun…but I persevered even though I wasn’t liking the result)

Seriously this is taking forever mommy!:
You should have put orange there!

When I was done I really disliked it. It was nowhere on my TO BE SPUN list… So I ripped it into 4 (unequal) pieces and proceeded to try and fix what had been broken.

save us!

Knowing what grey does to colours from previous experiments I dumped a tonne of grey into the pot and some fiber with it:
grey makes everything better

It came out a sodden mess, but was it a usable mess or had I destroyed my fiber? It was too hot to tell:

hot lump of mystery

Katie, of course, continued to check in:
are you not done yet?

When all the fiber had been overdyed it looked like this:
even bigger hot lump of mystery...

I was pleased when I rinsed that the fiber bloomed to its full width and seemed to be fine, the true test would be after it was dry:

dry my pretties!

All that supervision had worn Katie out:

I need my beauty sleep!

The next day…

Look how pluffy and gorgeous that wet mess became!

why is it blue

You can even see some of the original crimp! (If that isn’t the fibers crimp allow me to keep my delusions)
seriously where is the grey?

All braided up (you can see how uneven my ripping was):
yeah, I did not really think about that

When asked what she thought, Katie replied “no comment”:

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