Knit mojo found!

Blogging mojo down 50% though…

Ah well I’d rather have the knit mojo. I’m playing with all of the cheerful colours I can pull out of my stash and it is making me happy.



Harvest Dew Socks
Working my way down the foot non the second sock… looking forward to wearing them! Recyled picture from last time:
2013-02-24 7:47 PM

Long hibernating sweater has been pulled out. Lots of fun to have a nearly completed sweater appear on the needles. 😉

2013-03-03 9:55 PM


My Girly Girl socks are finished! They are so fun and I love the fit of the the crystal heel.
The crystal heel makes a very different shaped heel, you can find it here on knitty. Well you’ll be able to see it after the crazy from the new knitty backs down.

2013-03-01 6:19 PM

2013-03-01 6:18 PM


Pulled out some Juliespins Falkland and it has AMAZING.PREP! Seriously. I am having a blast spinning this as a thick single. My plan is to make a super bulky two ply yarn. Here is the first bobbin:

2013-03-04 8:56 PM

Katie has been adjusting to another switch up in furniture. She seems to like it!

2013-03-04 1:24 PM
Pretty crossed paws

2013-03-04 5:48 PM
Glaring when her servant isn’t doing something…


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