Focusing on the Happy

I’ve run out of emotional fortitude on my color affection, I’ve done something wrong and it needs to be frogged back *sob*, but that will have to wait for another day!

So the projects stand thus:


Both are new and I cast them both on Feb 16.

Harvest Dew Socks
STR Lightweight in Fire on the Mountain

2013-02-16 11:06 PM

2013-02-20 6:40 PM

This pattern is so stinking addictive and the yarn is happy making and bright… already past the heel on the first sock!

Girly Girl Socks
Wool2Dye4 Shelia’s Sparkle in Life in the Dream House (hand-dyed)

2013-02-16 7:32 PM

2013-02-20 6:39 PM

Stripes! Fun! šŸ˜€


Starving Artist Hat
My Handspun from Woolgatherings in a Mixed BFL
The hat is a bit small for me, but I like it anyway.

2013-02-10 9:15 PM

2013-02-10 9:15 PM

Sparkle Socks
Hermione’s Everyday Socks
Wool2Dye4 Shelia’s Sparkle in Andromeda Galaxy (hand-dyed)
2013-02-15 8:17 PM


The doll fashion show went really well, I can show what I made now…

Some outfits for the Monster High Dolls, the first was self designed.

catrine - glasses

rochelle - front

spectra jacket

Some for my Barbie hybrids, all were self designed




Making stuff for these dolls is such a fun distraction from larger projects. Even if all the larger projects are in hibernation right now. šŸ˜‰


I’m kicking myself because I found this on someone’s knitting blog and can’t remember whose it was! They had the brilliant idea of chain plying noro sock yarn to make a thicker yarn. I pulled a neglected skein of silk garden sock out of the stash and now I have:

2013-02-17 4:44 PM

2013-02-17 5:00 PM

2013-02-20 6:41 PM

2013-02-20 6:41 PM

Bulky? weight
~ 90 yards
It’s a lovely tweedy yarn and has a nice tight 3-ply twist. I’m thinking fingerless mitts. šŸ™‚

Katie is adapting to a recent furniture shake up, and is finding new and interesting places to sleep.

2013-02-19 2:39 PM

2013-02-18 5:12 PM


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