Big Sigh

The next doll fashion show is starting tomorrow!  I’ve mostly been doing stuff related to that over the week.  Also had some real life stuff interfere with my crafting over the last couple of weeks, blah.

So anyway, let’s get to it!


Color Affection
Still moving along, I actually have an update photo this week! I want the finished object more than I want to knit on it right now, planning on pulling it out during a movie marathon next weekend.

2013-01-29 8:32 PM

Sparkle socks
Heading down the foot on the second one! Here’s the first one again. 😉

2013-01-20 10:28 PM

Epic Dragon
I’ve started the body, but it looks like a very green beanie at the moment. Here’s the neck/head all finished. 🙂 She will be epic!

2013-01-21 9:37 PM

Starving Artist
Bulky hat in my handspun. A quick diversion from the doll clothes, but it turns out things don’t finish themselves when you don’t knit on them. Knitting it inside out to avoid all the purling, laziness! Or Genius?

2013-02-10 2:50 PM


None, except dolly things and they are still SUPER SECRET. 😛


I have finished the Fiber Optic Merino Silk! But I finished the yarn today so no ‘finished’ pics or weight information, but here are some in progress shots.

The finished singles:
2013-02-06 7:08 PM

Finished plying!i (or in progress and blurry, le sigh):
2013-02-07 9:18 PM

Being wound into a skein (here you can see the gradient!):
2013-02-07 9:48 PM

I think my next spin will be a squishy bulky type yarn, at least I hope the fiber agrees with me.

New Stash

I didn’t need anymore blue moon, but my LYS had a new shipment and I was having a bad day and this made me smile. 🙂 I think it needs to be a neck-type thing. fire on the mountain in lightweight STR.

2013-02-04 12:56 PM

Oh.. and I might have picked up a small distraction on Friday as well…

2013-02-08 7:39 PM

And! Mom created this awesome iPad case for me. 🙂

2013-02-01 5:35 PM

Katie, my sweet baby cat, I totally forgot your 9th birthday on the first! I am so sorry! Hopefully all the new toys have helped. 😉 I can’t believe you are 9!

Here’s a bunch of shots from the last couple of weeks, she’s got thee spring crazies. 😀

2013-01-29 7:49 PM

2013-01-30 8:43 PM

2013-01-30 10:09 PM

2013-02-05 1:04 PM


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