The stash…

So, here is the post I’ve been putting off for the last two weeks.  My stash reveal!!!

In December and January I was auditing my Ravelry stash, adding photos and updating amounts.  It is now done!  😀

And it includes my two most recent acquisitions:

Blue Moon Fiber Arts both STR mediumweight
Crabby McCrabbypants – my grumpy day socks will be in this!
Smokey Mountain morn – pretty!

and some Mixed BFL in Hobbit Garden (my fiber isn’t in my Ravelry stash, I add my handspun yarn when it is finished)

So without further ado…

Shelf 1 (mostly dk and worsted):

Sanguine Gryphon (RIP) traveller and hand dyed dk comprise the majority here. 🙂
first shelf

Shelf 2 ( fingering weight):

This shelf looks to be mostly hand dyed with some 50g commercial skeins.
second shelf

Shelf 3 (handspun):

all my handspun and a few skeins I didn’t spin that I bought at Estes Park.

Shelf 4 (fingering/sport weight):

Sanguine Gryphon Bugga, Blue Moon Socks that Rock outnumber everything else.
third shelf

Shelf 5 (fingering weight):

Malabrigo Sock, all my sparkle sock yarns some skinny bugga.  I tend to think of shelves 4/5 as my indie dyers shelves.
fourth shelf

Shelf 6 (mixed shelf):

Alternative fibers (ie. not merino) and self striping yarn.  I’ve got bison, alpaca, quiviut, bamboo and yak in there! 😀

Hmmm… I can also see two skeins that need to go into a different shelf!

Bin 1 (sweater quantities):

DiC Classy, Sanguine Gryphon Traveller and some elann superwash that I’m thinking of making into a blanket.

Bin 2 (mixed stash – lots of early stuff):

Some different things in there, hemp, super bulky, possum, some rowan and more commercial yarns than on the shelves.

Bin 3 (fingering weight overflow):

Early hand dyes, some habu stainless steel and silk, my earliest skein of unused yarn (far left).


Any cat toys are included for scale (…of course). 😉

Hope you enjoyed the brief walk through my stash.  My favorite colours should be pretty apparent by now too.  lol.


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