Small things, big plans

Soooo… I should mention that I got an iPad mini for christmas. Normally I wouldn’t mention it but I’ve taken to spending a lot of time on it and taking quite a few photos with it. They aren’t as clear as my regular camera, but they sync to my computer auto-magically and I’m quite taken with my new toy.

This is my way of saying: Picture quality may go down around here… until the shiny and new factor wears off a bit.

But! You’ll get extra candid pictures of Katie!


So black cats are hard to photograph anyway, most of the time you get a black puddle of fur:

puddle of fluff

sometimes they’ve made a mess (kibble everywhere) that detracts from the photo:

messy kibble!

Sometimes the background is less than ideal (black on black huh, what was I thinking):

slightly grainy whut? expression

And sometimes the angle isn’t the most flattering (fuzzy butt wants treats, and still with the messy kibble!):

begging for treats

But then you use your proper camera and catch her napping:

worn out from playing

and because you are weird you take a picture of her limp tail:
tail hang


Hmmm…. this was supposed to be about knitting/crafting… let’s get into that!

Current WIP’s

1. Sparkle socks

Still on the first one, I really should pull it out more often than just lunch time at work.

2. Colour Affection

Added in the third colour and I’m 3 repeats into the short row section! Didn’t take a picture though…

3. NEW PROJECT! Amigurumi Dragon

2013-01-15 10:12 PM

Supposed to be 14in high, 34in long with a 54in wingspan… I really hope it is as epic as it sounds. 🙂 So far so good.

4. NEW PROJECT! Doll outfit

The next fashion show in the Good Things Together group on Ravelry starts Feb 7. The theme is After Dark. I don’t want to share the whole outfit until the show, but here’s a teaser for the first part of it. I’ve got lots of plans for this show, whether I accomplish them is another thing.

new doll project

simple little raglan at the moment.

Finished this week

1. Well to properly celebrate ‘After Dark’ my dolls needed a blanket!

2013-01-15 6:48 PM

A granny square rectangle, using sock weight yarn and measuring 12in x 8in, fits the bill nicely.

2. Finished KAL with AwesomeSister!


standing up


Katie tried to lick him. 😉

katie liked how fluffy he was


I am nearly out of the blue! Fiber Optic Merino/Silk blend. This is working up super smooth.

knit girls sal

This is where I would normally post a Katie picture… look above for your fix! 😀


3 thoughts on “Small things, big plans

  1. That poodle is cute!! 🙂

    I take 99.9% of my cat pictures (and everything else, actually) with my phone because it’s quiet (less likely to alert the kitties that I’m taking a picture) and always near me. True, the qualities not what it would be with an actual dedicated camera, but nothing a little cropping and tweaking in Picasa can’t fix. 🙂

    • gah! Your comment was lost in my email, sorry for the late reply!

      Katie doesn’t recognize the iPad as a camera, so apart from the clicky noise she isn’t as bothered. 🙂

      • Lucky. 🙂 I have the clicky noise shut off on my phone, and they’ve still figured out that I’m stealing their souls or something. 😀

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