2012 Wrap up and looking ahead to 2013! :D

According to my records I finished 66 items last year. o_O
However, most of them were small projects.

It was a year of whimsy for me, amigurumi, doll clothes, and the dolls themselves. Here’s the project breakdown:

8 pairs of socks
7 things for necks
4 things for hands
21 stuffed things (toys, amigurumi, etc…)
23 things for the dolls to wear

(these last two are ~ish numbers since I considered some projects with multiple pieces to be one project)

The only regret is the lack of socks, I’m running out and I’m the only one who makes me socks. With 3 of this years pairs being gifts, more socks for me are on the horizon!

Here is the epic project mosaic:

For more information on any of the above projects you can find them on my 2012 finished object tab.

You may have noticed the lack of spinning… After being spun the yarn enters my stash, I don’t really consider it a finished object until it has been used.  I’ll be showing all my spinning very soon (along with all my stash!).

My crafting resolution for this year is fairly simple.

 It’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you’ve got

Yep, it’s the same as last year.  I’m continuing to learn how to love what I have, not to count anything as ‘too precious’ to use, and to moderate what I buy.
I do have some crafting ‘goals’ (a blanket, socks), but they may fall by the wayside to new whims.

Another resolution from last year was to end the year with no WIP’s in hibernation.  I can call that one a success.  In an effort to keep this resolution going I frogged the colourwork mittens that were never going to be finished.  I now  have 4 things actively on the needles , and that seems like a good number for me. I’m going to keep trying to be more monogamous to projects so they don’t languish for months.

Onward with 2013!

Katie from tail tip to ear tip:


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