Catching up on Christmas

Wow did this holiday just zoom by…

oh, by the way, I changed my theme again. I wanted something bright and cheerful. 😀

Last time I posted I actually lied to you, my last Christmas knitted gift wasn’t finished. But they were super secret and I couldn’t blog them.


Sherlock otter and John Hedgehog for Awesome Sister. From the Sherlock fandom. 🙂

Our Family got together and made a gingerbread train this year, it was pretty epic. Tasty too. 😉
gingerbread train

gingerbread train

I finished my handspun mittens!!! I’ve even broken them in by wearing them outside!!!



Awesome Sister bought me a seriously wonderful doll. 🙂

minions go!

Awesome sister also gifted me with A METRIC TONNE OF GORGEOUS FIBER!!!!

xmas haul

So the spinning will definitely continue in 2013.

I finished the Moonshine Fibers Polworth I was spinning, I fractal plied it (for extra barber poling/colour mixing) as an experiment.



214yd of a true 3ply, approximately light worsted weight.

I’ve already started my next spin:


Some of my Christmas fiber. 🙂

Another fo, this one was started and finished New Year’s Eve.

mini dragon

mini! posable! dragon! *squee*

mini dragon

Of course he is for the dolls…

robin and new pet

I’m looking forward to playing with him a bit more, I haven’t been feeling all that well and his posability (he’s all pipecleaners inside) needs to be tested. 😉

I also need to go and stitch up his leg, the pipecleaner is sticking out. >_<

I started a new project, a Through the Woods hood.

through the woods hood

It is way further than this now, I’m hoping to finish it before the end of the week. 🙂

So that is my huge holiday catch up. I hope everyone is having a great new year.

I’m planning on doing my yearly round up before the end of the week, so (hopefully) I’ll see you then. 🙂


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