Sparkle Sparkle

Woo Hoo! Christmas Knitting is done!

dad's finished xmas socks!

See those? The final knitted gift. Yay!!! :mrgreen:

With all my non-selfish projects (and dolly projects) done for the year I was free to cast on ALL THE THINGS!!! And everything I cast on has sparkles in it!

First: Handspun mitts: BFL/Sparkle
new mitten #1

I keep forgetting how quickly mittens work up.

new mittens in progress

one and half mittens! 🙂

Awesome Sister made the stitch markers I am using with them:

new mittens in progress

pretty pretty.

The socks I cast on are also sparkly!

sparkle socks begun

But I haven’t gotten much past the cuff. 🙂 It is some of my hand dyed from earlier this year.

Final bit of sparkle, I promise. Some more AnotherCraftyGirl twinkle sock arrived in the house.

new yarn

This one in colourway Bulbasaur. Perhaps I should start knitting with them. 😉

I did start some new spinning that doesn’t have sparkles, but it is very pretty:

new roving

Here’s what the braid looked like:
jungle juice  - moonshine fiber co.

As usual Katie isn’t up to any mischief. She totally wasn’t stealing the pink garland. nope.

i'm not touching anything!


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