new stuff

A new theme… a change for winter. 🙂

A small finished object this week. Another Ken sweater. 😉
Simple top-down v-neck raglan. I like out it fits.


An old finished object, my grey shawl, was finally blocked!!!! OMG!!! Still haven’t been able to get nice photo but it is finished and beautiful. What is it with these shawls taking all my motivation and hijacking it?!?

and it's pretty!
it's done!

None of my wips have been touched lately. 😦

Christmas has arrived chez moi. So much fun to have the full holiday trappings. 🙂

mantle this year

Katie has been playing a lot lately. 🙂 She lets go of all her dignity when she plays:

2 thoughts on “new stuff

    • Thanks! She’s very silly lately. Her second coat is almost fully in just in time for the cold weather, and in time to place these fine hairs all over the presents. 😉

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