Snow and Stripes

I was just looking at everything I have to post about and wow! I’m behind. Sorry.

Let’s work in roughly chronological order.

1. I finished my Twisted Fiber Arts Socks
tfa socks + cat butt
Shown here with a cat butt.

tfa socks

And a better picture. The socks weigh 77g and the leftovers weigh 75g. So I can see another pair of these in my future. Plus I feel a lot more confident in the dad socks I’m making. Same yarn but different colourway.

dad's terrain socks

I’m nearly at the heel!

2. Halloween arrived bringing snow and it kept on snowing until it looked like…

yay! Most of it is gone after today’s warm up but lower temperatures and more snow are forecast for next week.

I finished my final handspun ‘monster’ for the knitabulls podcast Halloween KAL. Here they all are together.

I decided to crochet the third one so he would go a bit faster. 🙂


He’s kind of cute, but I wish I had given him black eyes like his friends.

3. More Stripes

After months of planning and talking about it, I finally began my colour affection. It’s going well, but slowly.

color affection

4. Baby dragons

Again after months of thinking about them, I finally finished them.

hatching 1
first emergence
second emergencethird emergencegetting settledtada!


Katie slept through the snow.



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