Even more cute

…this time with pictures I’ve taken.

Awesome sister and I went to the Calgary Zoo last Friday! It was so much fun. 🙂

most of the animals were just chilling out on the chilly day.

When you first enter the zoo you come across the new Penguin Exhibit. It was busy so we decided to go back later, but we got to see the Humboldt Penguins outside.

humboldt penguins

As you can see they were just hanging out. The same was true of the Bison and Muskox on the Canadian Wilds Trail.



We joked about jumping in and getting some quiviut for free.

The black tailed prairie dogs were busy getting ready to hibernate though, it looked like they were almost ready!

black tailed prarie dog

The mountain lion was bunked down on a fresh bed of hay.

mountain lion

We moved into the African area of the zoo next. My glasses and camera both fogged up in the ‘Tropical Rainforest’ Area, it was uncomfortably hot and humid in that building! But in the other Africa building I took a few pictures.

Hyrax pile! They were sitting on top of one another and squishing the babies, while the Mom was staring daggers at everyone.

hyrax - squished babies!

The hippos were sitting in their pool only occasionally coming up for air.

hippo chilling

We moved into Eurasia next. A new animal for me was the Chilean Condors. They were huge!

The female had amazing red eyes
chilean condor - female
The male had a an impressive crest
chilean condor = male

Red Pandas!

red panda - mom
red panda - baby

Then we hit the Tiger exhibit… well I have to confess they are my favorite animals at the zoo.
We sat down to knit and I realized I had a matching stitch marker on my WIP

when i pulled out my knitting

The cubs are 6 months old and looking like little tigers now.

tiger cub

baby tiger

baby tiger

Mom is doing a very good job raising them:
mommy tiger

The male tiger was mostly pacing and marking his territory, but he stopped for awhile to look impressive.
male tiger

They also have a 17 year old female, she was sleeping right beside the glass where we decided to sit and knit for a bit.
old tigress
She moved and I was able to take a front-view shot of her
old tigress

Normally I would end the pictures here, but we remembered to go back to see the Penguins… and I had SO.MUCH.FUN!!! They are amazing little creatures!
penguin viewing from up close!
See that bit of plastic, that is the edge of their tank, yes you get splashed a lot.

They were constantly moving and diving and playing tag and jumping, so much energy!
contantly moving birds
I got a lot of blurry pictures!

so graceful in teh water

This penguin was intrigued by Awesome Sisters scarf and came to check it out
gentoo penguin watching us
turns out he liked sisters scarf!

I did learn something about penguins. They don’t go into the water when they are moulting, so they fast the entire time! Plus they look a little silly.
molting rockhopper
He’s stoically waiting for his feathers to stop falling. hee.

The King penguins were my favorite! Such pretty markings. 🙂
king penguins

So our day at the zoo was a great success. 😀


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