Wednesday WIPS and other things

Well another week has gone by with very little interesting to talk about. At least September is nearly over, right?

Here’s what’s been happening chez moi…

First) WIPS

Currently I am working on the gray shawl

<insert picture here, someday>

A new pair of socks


These were cast on yesterday and I’m already at the heel. I love sport weight socks for quickness. 🙂
Yarn is from Twisted Fiber Arts in the self-striping version of Lagoon. It is working up very nicely. 🙂

The second baby dragon of my clutch


He’s a bit more ‘intense’ than his sister. Did I share his egg?


There it is! Not the most wonderful bit of crochet ever, but it adds to the ‘newly hatched baby’ thing they have going for them.

Finished objects!


My yak socks are finished! Thank all the little gods of knitting, they are done! I was totally sick of them.
Pattern: Jenny Wren
yarn: Tibetan Dream by Bijou Basin Ranch (85% yak, 15% nylon)


These socks just wouldn’t knit up quickly. (Thus explaining the sport socks on the needles right now, I needed a quick hit!)


Halloween minis have been spun and plyed!!!! OMG They were so much fun.

roving hand dyed

L-R: gradient, speckled, variegated

I was using them to learn how to chain ply so, while I didn’t get a lot of yardage, I was having fun.


I ended up with around 82 yards when you total the three up. Not bad for all the trials and tribulations they went through. 😉

Also I took this


And spun it to


A very full bobbin turned into


A badly skeined 142 yards of approximately dk weight. It was fun spinning colours that I don’t necessarily ‘like’, but I’m glad that Awesome sister is going to knit with the final result. 🙂

random kitty

You would never guess that a few hours later she would be in the same position….

She almost looks like a fluffy buffalo from this angle… Yeah her winter coat is settling in, good thing too the nights are getting cooler. 🙂

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