Finish it up – results

So here it is – the end of August… amazing how quickly it arrived.

Full tally:

2 hibernating projects complete
2 bobbins (of 3) complete

That leaves me with 3 old projects on the needles and a bobbin left to spin.

Somehow I feel much lighter…

Anyway I’m still working on the Amalia Shawl… and I’m getting so close to finishing all the edging (which is now my bane!)

nearly there!

This is going to be a HUGE shawl.

Spinning is progressing. I’m not the fastest spinner and I seem to be suffering from ‘spinners wrist’. I’m pinching the fiber too tightly, I think.

However, I do have two very pretty bobbins of yarn, here is the second one:

2nd bobbin - peter pan

I’ve been breaking my cold sheeping quite a bit this month. Here’s my newest stuff:

‘Oscar the Grouch’ in Twinkle Sock by Another Crafty Girl on Etsy

new stash


A mini FO, started and finished today:


The doll fashion show starts on the 18th! I want to have five outfits done by then. This forms the basis of the first one. 🙂

Katie… very interested in something…

chicken please?

… I’ll post the full story later this week.



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