Making Progress

While I’m finding I was optimistic to think I could finish all my hibernating and current wips in one month, I’m making good progress.

The first of my work socks (which only get touched at work, thus the name) is now finished. The second has a toe and the pattern is started.

work project progress

Pattern: Jenny Wren
Yarn: Bijou Bison Tibetan Dream (85% yak, 15% nylon) – the yak is interesting to knit, it is almost sticky compared to the smooth merino I’m used to. It reminds me of the merino/ramboulliet(sp?) that I spun last month.

Spinning of the Peter Pan fiber commenced and I have finished one of the three planned bobbins. 🙂 Watching the colours change on the bobbin as the spinning progressed was great fun. This is 100% bfl, I’m focusing on the long staple fibers right now, they are really easy for me to spin.

in progress:
watching the colours change

finished bobbin, it ended in a swath of yellow:
peter pan fiber

I picked up the smaug socks and quickly finished the first one.
smaug sock

Then the leg of the second sock quickly appeared as well. Why wasn’t this a quick pair of socks earlier in the year!?!
smaug socks progress

Yarn: Alchemy Juniper sock in “Dragon” 100% merino.

Katie is shedding her summer coat (we think)… I hope so b/c a long winter would be great

katie - hello

Doesn’t it look like she knows a secret?


2 thoughts on “Making Progress

    • Katie is always plotting something….

      Thanks compliment. The smaug socks are stunning, the designer has a whole series based on the Lord of the Rings.

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