A Tale of Two Shawls

Woot! Lots of finishing going on this week. Finish it up August is definitely a success so far.

First, did I even blog the cast on for this shawl? I needed a quick birthday knit for my Mom. Something substantial enough to keep her warm in the car, but quick to whip off as well.

Pattern: Dinner at the Eiffel Tower
Yarn: Hand dyed “The purple one” in Cash dk x2 skeins
CO: July 21, 2012
BO: August 5, 2012

I had to change the last bit (lengthened the final lace section) because I didn’t listen to the designer and lengthened the ridges section. la.
mom shawl pre block

mom shawl blocking

my camera really hated the subtle varigation of the yarn. So that’s the best picture I could get. ah well. Mom liked it and that is all that matters.

2nd FO of the week….

Pattern: Klieo!!!!!
Yarn: Sanguine Gryphon Eidos in (Coffin Fly) and (Chocolate Rhino) equivalents. (why can I only remember the bugga names for their colours?)
CO: December 19, 2011
BO: August 6, 2012

OMG I cannot relate to you how relieved it is to have this monkey off my back. I truly didn’t think I would forgive it all the trouble it caused me but once the ends were woven in… I love it.

Pre blocking:
kleio pre blocking

stalking Katie before its bath:
klieo preblocking and stalking Katie

I don’t have enough pins to pin out every point, so I just made sure the lace was stretched out and the 2nd braid was straight-ish.
klieo blocking

lace close up: ♥♥♥
kleio lace

this is one BIG SHAWL It is probably close to 6 foot long. I hung it under a shelf in my room and it is still there so I can admire it. 😀

Next post will show the other milestones I’ve hit since August started.


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