Awesome sister and I have decided to make August a “finish it up” month. To that end, I’m posting the projects I am going to focus on during this month.

First: Since I’m still learning to use my wheel I’m going to make sure I spin.

1.”Peter Pan” fiber from Sheepish Creations

peter pan fiber

2. Pink fiber I self-dyed (but haven’t taken a picture of yet.

(3. Mini-braids which will be potentially dyed next weekend)

Second: Knitting projects

1. Kleio!!!!!!

Last known picture taken: April 25, 2012

2. Irish Coffee Sweater

Last known picture: March 18, 2012

sweater progress

3. Myrten Mittens

Last known picture: NONE!!! (but here is the hat they will match)

woo hoo

4. Smaug Socks

Last known picture: May 3, 2012

smaug socks - front

5. Grey Shawl

Last known picture: October 19, 2011 (le sigh)

a shawl in progress!

Sure I’m probably being a bit optimistic, but any progress on these projects will feel good. Maybe I’ll fall in love with them again?


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