Still hot

I really don’t have any energy for anything at the moment. I finally managed to spin a bit last night, I’ll post what I finished later.

It’s too hot to do anything. However lack of progress on anything is certainly depressing.

meanest mommy

I put a bag of ice ontop of Katie’s head and she looked so pathetic I had to take a picture before I moved the bag to her back. She doesn’t like cuddling with anything so the bag of ice was only grudgingly accepted, but I didn’t want her overheating.


2 thoughts on “Still hot

  1. Yeah, it’s hard to explain to Chaos and Mayhem that they’d be MUCH more unhappy with the windows open and the air off – they wouldn’t have enough energy to look out the open windows!

    • That’s been Katie, puddle of fluff all week. I did try to cool her down by putting her in the bathtub with a LITTLE bit of cool water. That didn’t go over very well at all.

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