Sure Alberta isn’t as hot as elsewhere in North America. My Mom and Dad were in Banff this morning and it was 4 degrees!!! It is, however, much warmer here.

Poor Katie isn’t taking the heat well this year, I’m keeping her as cool as I can, but she doesn’t like wind in her fur, so fans are out.

slug cat

I’ve been spinning, but less than I want. Sweaty hands + fibre = gross. So I’ve been staring longingly at my wheel while it sits there.

I’ve been doing a little knitting. I don’t have an interest in knitting for humans right now though, so I’m still making doll clothes. They are ridiculously quick, even on 2mm needles. This weeks tally:

(I’ve been having fun posing my dollieh, please excuse the volume of pictures)

a green dress

new dress

new dress

new dress

a ‘pantsuit’ for lack of a better description

new outfit

no!  no pictures

seaming at back

Finally another ‘mod type’ dress

on the spinning wheel


looking pretty

(dear camera, i know that dolls are a bit different than knitwear, but can you please focus on her face occasionally, kthksbai)


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