New Yarn

How’s it going?

Because of the long weekend, Awesome Sister and I indulged in our habitual dyeing day.

First up, my stuff:

the least interesting one –> My ‘local’ yarn went from ecru to buff

me carstairs july1

Well I needed a neutral colour.

Then I started playing with colour.

On Cash Sock base:

me cash sock july1

On Sparkle base, but it is hard to see the sparkle:

me sparkle july 1

me sparkle july 1

me sparkle july 1

Awesome Sisters set

Bulky SW

as july 1

Worsted SW

as july1

as july 1

as july1

DK Single Ply SW

as july 1

I love that last one, I’ll have to try and copy that technique next time.


As for knitting? I’ve made a doll dress

modern day goddess dress


as for spinning? Still in love with the wheel. I finished the mixed bfl braid I was working on and got around 240 yards of a sport weight. I’m delighted, but I still need to work on plying.

spinning close up

spinning blurry


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