Of garter stitch and colour

Last week I may have cast on ALL THE THINGS, but I’ve found myself mostly working on the Pendulum Shawl. (ravelry link)

The bright colours and soothing rhythm of short rows are making it the perfect project.

Here it is with three of the contrasting wedges.

pendulum shawl

Normally I wouldn’t pair Malabrigo Sock in Lettuce and Terracotta together, but here it just makes me happy. 🙂 The cheerful colours and the urge to finish just one more wedge are a great distraction.

With the green wedges showing:

pendulum shawl

I’ve nearly finished the 4th terracotta wedge (of 5). 🙂 But I was too lazy to take an updated picture. 😉

Katie and I enjoyed a long brushing the other day, during the process she fell asleep purring and stayed in the same spot for quite awhile. 🙂

'ded' after a belly rub

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