A review… of sorts


I got a new book!

Here is the handy gallery for all the patterns (click to embiggen):

1st page

2nd page

Actually I got the companion “Knit your own Dog” as well, but since I have one of these…


(who is actively RUNNING AWAY from the camera lately, wth Katie!) …I decided to start with this book and specifically….

black cat

this pattern.

The patterns are well written and easy to follow. You use k2tog for all decreases and kfb for all increases. The patterns are fiddly. FIDDLY. Even though I had chosen the black cat pattern, I didn’t choose black yarn. I went with some leftover fingering weight yarn and 2mm needles. My needles are now permanently bent. 😐

After some fussing I had completed all the knitting. I can’t tell you exactly how long it took, But it was between Wednesday and Sunday. After the knitting you have a ‘pelt’ of sorts:


You can sort of see the bend in my needles here, it was worse later.

Every skin requires a skeleton (this isn’t in the book, she tells you to put pipecleaners down the legs… I decided to ‘overkill’ the instructions):


pipecleaners are amazing things are they not?

After hours of finishing work: whip stitching pieces together, stuffing, molding, etc…



bottom view

He’s poseable too!


sort of….


with owner


So the review.

This is a good book. The dog book is better for realism I think, the cats heads are a bit small, perhaps. However these are the most realistic cat patterns I have been able to find and I am delighted with my little guy. The finishing was well worth it, but I wasn’t kidding when I said it took me hours. Most of Monday was lost in finishing this little dude. Now that I have a ‘simple’ kitty finished, I’m going to move onto one of the stranded or intarsia patterns the next time I pick up the book.



2 thoughts on “A review… of sorts

  1. OMG, I had no idea these books existed. That’s hilarious! And disturbing! Which is the adjective I had come up with even before I saw your tag on this post! Can’t wait to see more!

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