Next time I knit a project with a braid it will not have 593 sts per row!

Next time I will certainly not knit a project with TWO braids that live on rows that are 593 sts long.

Next time I will be DARN sure I am doing the final braid correctly and not have to rip it out and spend an hour detangling yarn (only to tangle it up all over again!)

… did I mention that this project had THREE braids? Thankfully the first was on a 200+ st row.

But they are pretty:


Kleio by Romi Hill. The project that refuses to be properly photographed.

Now I just have to bind off with an applied lace edging…I only have to repeat the next instructions… 300 times…. 😥

Katie is enjoying the braids. Watching yarn flying around is tiring though.



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