Overwhelming WIPs!

I have too many wips on my needles! I don’t want to knit on anything b/c I have too much going on. Ever feel that way?

I’m sure too many wips is very subjective, based on the temperament of an individual. My limit appears to be 7.


1) Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief
This is a little bit further along than in the picture.

age of brass and steam

2) Irish Coffee Sweater
Again, there is more progress on this than the picture shows.

sweater progress

3) Slip Jig Socks
this is the 2nd sock and (not shown), I’m on the gusset
slip jig sock 2 - leg done

4) Dark Magic Socks
Knitting with some of my hand dyed on a plain sock
dark magic sock

5) Smaug Socks
So much fun, I’ve finished the main scale pattern and am starting the set up for the rest of the leg
smaug sock

6) Spinning
This totoro fiber is spinning up as a mostly consistent lace weight, so it is taking FOR.EV.ER
Though it doesn’t look consistent or lace weight in this picture. šŸ˜

spinning progress

7) Kleio – the never ending shawl
I only have this simple placeholder picture for this project. I have to frog back (again!!!) before I can get to the applied border/bind off. le sigh.
kleio in progress

This doesn’t include the two projects in hibernation. At least I hope it is two projects…

Crazy, er Katie, hasn’t wanted her picture taken lately.


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