Easter dyeing

Whew… big batch of freshly dyed skeins to share with you.

First off we watched this video about hand dyeing a few weeks ago and both awesome sister and I tried the technique out. While I quite liked it, it didn’t provide enough control for AS.

Awesome Sisters set (5 skeins)

She started out dyeing bright colours and moved into the more macabre theme as the day progressed.

cash sock – 440 yds – 3 stripe
“Easter Egg”
cash sock - easter egg

cash sock – 440 yds – 3 stripe
cash sock - unicorm

cash sock – 440 yds – 3 stripe
cash sock

cash aran – 150yds? – variegated
cash aran -attacked

cash dk – 231 yds – variegated
cash dk - whitechapel

I was in a much lighter mood. Almost spring-like. It shows in the colours I chose. I seemed to have favoured yellow, which is very unusual for me.

cash sock – 440yds – variegated
cash sock - meditation

cash dk – 231 yds – variegated
“Crazy Pants”
cash dk - crazy pants

cash sock – 440 yds – semi-solid
cash sock - grellow

cash sock – 440 yds – semi solid
“Fire Opal”
cash sock - fire opal

cash DK – 231 yds – variegated
“Ice Melt”
cash dk - ice melt

Katie STILL has her winter coat!

And she’s waiting patiently for treats
turned paws


2 thoughts on “Easter dyeing

  1. Oh, AS#5 is my favorite!

    I’ve been brushing May like crazy with the Zoom Groom to get that winter coat – I can only imagine how much fur is involved with a longer haired kitty!

    • the zoom groom barely touches Katie’s coat (unless I brush super hard) so I use a combination of brushes and hairball gunk to try and fight off the inevitable. At least Katie doesn’t shed, she ‘clumps’ so I can just pick up the fur when I see it. If she hasn’t eaten it. 😦

      Awesome sister says thank you. 🙂

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